Identifying the main trends to design opportunities & innovative process
for your brands and organizations


IRL / URL prospective watch
  • International data packages, macro & micro-trends.
  • Sociological and consumption watch.
  • Interviews, brainstorming with experts and consumers : individual, group, ethnographic portaits, street itw.


prospective studies
  • Exploratory studies on social lifestyles and consumptions's subjects.
  • Subscription's studies, international and cross-sectoral.
  • Ad-hoc research & Innovation benchmarks.
  • Insights report, Mystery shopper.


Strategic consulting & coaching
  • Giving meaning, direction & ethics to your projects.
  • Identifying potential territories, brand strategy.
  • Innovation workshops.
  • Teambuilding sessions: "7 keys to wellness & energy".
  • Speaker: corporate seminars, launches, PR.
  • Training, teaching.

The agency

A transcultural vision fueled by a constant flow of data, international experts and consultants

Pascale Brousse

For 30 years she has been travelling the world observing lifestyle and consumer trends. She’s passionate about all well-being methods and disciplines: from the health tech to “body-mind” practices and nutrition.

Armed with an insatiable curiosity she enjoys creating projects that bring together her inclination for experimentation, fieldwork research, and her knowledge of brands and international marketing.

Regional Director of Sales (France) and Marketing Director for North America and Asia for L’OREAL (BIOTHERM), she completely dedicates herself to intelligence & marketing watch.

She founds Trend Sourcing in 2000 and specializes in health, wellness and beauty. She also develops an activity of Health & Lifestyle Coach for people and firms.


Pascale aggregates a community
of multidisciplinary experts:
Talents of the “digital health”, integrative antiaging physicians, neuro-scientists, anthropologists and brand strategists.

They form a convergence of knowledge and expertise, at the source of tomorrow’s innovations.

– Co-founder of the Cosmetic Club Adetem (marketing professionals) (2009-2017)
– Member of the CEW (1st beauty professionnal network)
– Member of Spa-A
– Speaker and journalist, she founded the blog and regularly contributes to Spa de Beauté, Premium Beauty News, etc.

Areas of expertise

The originality of Trend Sourcing is its capacity to cross-analyse multiple fields converging toward well-being & sustainability: health, beauty, food, sport, medicines, habitat, mobility, etc.





Health / Beauty

Health / Beauty






  • The Experts
  • The Correspondents
  • The Consultants

Characterized by their expertise, their ethics, their curiosity and especially by the diversity of subjects on which they intervene: from the sociologist to the decorated chef while going through semiologists, philosophers, doctors, naturopaths, biologists, researchers, designers, jewelers, etc. Among them,

They have in common a strong experience and open-mindedness on all societal subjects related to consumer trends.
Among them,

They occasionally and regularly intervene and participate with Trend Sourcing with whom they share values. Their professions like their visions are in accordance with the agency’s.
Among them,


AgropurAlesAlgothermauchanBeaulieu financesBeiersdorfCaudalieChanelCinq mondesClarinsComexposiumComité ColbertCotyDanoneDermapositiveDetox & MoiEcole Supérieure du ParfumEimlELCEmotions spaEtat purFilorgaGulfstreamIntercharmIsipcaJ&JKrysL’OccitaneL’OréalLa prairieLea NatureLeroy Merlin SourceLes Nouvelles EsthétiquesLPGLVMHMarie ClaireMatin CéréalesMichelinMonoprixNatexpoNestléOiaPharmaviePierre FabrePlateformePsychologiesPublicis EventRémi CointreauSeppicSilhouet-ToneSymriseTbwaThalassaUnileverWeledaYves Rocher



Consumer demand for natural, vegan, green and/or organic cosmetics continues to grow. Product safety and environmental awareness in addition to efficacy are becoming a must-have in Skincare.
What is the status in Make-Up? Is it possible to combine GREEN & PERFORMANCES?


What are their expectations (ethical, gourmand, emotional, effectiveness)?

The high-growth brands positioning which are creating this new makeup paradigm (Indie brands, star products, etc.).

– Strategic ideas: process, textures, components, claims, etc.
– Emblematic green products and how far to push the boundaries
– What are the challenges and how to create revolution by including efficacy?
– How to extend the limits with green skincare?

– Market potential based on your inventory
– How your brand is coherent in this segment and can take inspiration?
– What are the leverages to create fundamentals to your makeup brands?

€5,000 HT, including 60 slides (English version) + 1 interactive presentation + rate for POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT AVENUES

New service by TREND SOURCING : Wellness & Energy Workshops

Complex tasks, work overload, risk of exhaustion…

Bringing wellness to the workplace has become essential.

Trend Sourcing offers your employees a moment to breathe and recharge through a half-day of team building, a mixed-bag of teachings and practices in order to :

  • give them the keys to wellness through 4 pillars (stress management, sleep, goodwill, nutrition)
  • allow them to regain energy, enthusiasm and performance
  • return with tools for a lasting transformation

Groups up to 15 people – During your days of innovation labs, seminars, training.

Other format available.

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La (bonne) santé devient LE mode de vie super trendy et investit des territoires inédits, plébiscités par les «Health-Yers

Trend Sourcing vous propose “HEALTH STATEMENT” sa dernière étude en souscription qui DÉCRYPTE LES NOUVEAUX CODES DE LA SANTÉ et propose inspiration et pistes pour reparamètrer vos produits, marques et enseignes.

Un contenu inédit :

  • LES INSIGHTS & aspirations, NOUVELLE Génération
    Attentes, espoirs et émotions des Yers, qui refondent le paradigme du bien-être et de la beauté.
  • LES INITIATIVES qui créent La Révolution de santé
    Expériences, innovations et design qui enchantent les rituels de soin (produits, devices, services, lieux, protocoles, nouvelles technologies…).
    • Territoires à investir pour paramétrer une santé joyeuse et performante.
    • Étude en souscription, en anglais / 75 pages
    • Veille multi-sectorielle : sociologie et recherche fondamentale, nouvelles technologies médicales et digitales, cosmétiques, spas, sports, food, retail.; du mass au luxe.
    • Focus sur-mesure thématique : nous consulter

Pour qui ?

Les ​industries désirant élargir leur territoire et doper leur offre en restant à la pointe :
cosmétiques, alimentation, pharmacies, spas, thalassos & resorts​, sports, environnement, automobile, banques, assurances, retailers, ​etc.


Étude “HEALTH STATEMENT” + 1 présentation orale : 2 900 € HT / Étude seule : 2 500 € HT

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